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Membership in PIASA (all members receive hard copy of the Polish Review)

Categories of membership:

This category of membership is open to persons that can meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Persons with doctoral degrees plus publications
  2. Persons who have academic appointments at accredited colleges and universities; staff members of scientific, research or academic organizations.
  3. Professional writers who have several significant, critically acclaimed publications to their credit.
  4. Artists, that is persons skillful in the fine arts, e.g., graphic arts, music, dramatic arts, and other performing arts, who have won critical acclaim.
  5. Persons from the professions (law, medicine, engineering, teaching, etc.) if they are engaged in research; and/or have significant publications to their credit; and/or have won distinction in their field.

Applications for Regular membership are reviewed by the Membership Committee. The Board of Directors elects Regular members at its quarterly meetings. Regular members receive the right to vote and hold office.

Persons who have a sustained interest in the goals and mission of the Polish Institute but cannot meet the criteria for Regular membership, can apply for Sustaining membership.

College and University students may become Student members at reduced membership dues valid for up to five years. Appropriate forms certifying enrollment at an accredited college or university must be presented to the Membership Committee

All members (Regular, Sustaining and Student) receive a subscription to the quarterly journal, The Polish Review, discounts on Institute publications and invitations to all Institute events (receptions, exhibits, lectures, author's evenings, annual meetings, etc.).

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Student -

Regular, Sustaining - $75

Regular, Sustaining (Husband) - $95

Retired - $50

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Supporting - $100

Donor - $500

Patron - $1000

Benefactor - $5000

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