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Invest in PIASA and Help It Meet Present and Future Challenges

American Polonia is a large and significant community but its full potential has not yet been realized in our pluralistic society. To remedy this situation the Polish American community needs strong prestigious institutions that encourage the promotion of Polish culture and learning. With sufficient resources, such organizations could make a greater impact on mainstream American culture and simultaneously elevate the image of both Polonia and Poland. PIASA is just that type of organization counting among its members Nobel Prize winners like Dr. Frank Wilczek of MIT and Dr. Roald Hoffmann of Cornell University. Little wonder that our distinguished member, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, described the Polish Institute as a “vital link between the Polish American community as well as America and the new independent Poland. As such it enriches intellectual life of both America and Poland”. Likewise, during an official visit to PIASA on September 14, 2000, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Poland, declared, “The promotion of knowledge about Poland’s historic achievements is one of the most important Polish foreign policy aims. I am pleased to acknowledge that we can always count on the Polish Institute’s valuable experience and professionalism in our activities in the U.S.A.”

It is, therefore, with some optimism and confidence that the Polish Institute seeks moral and financial support not only from its members but also from the general Polish American community as well as the non-Polish community. Resources are needed to continue the important work of maintaining a center of learning and culture in the capital city of the world, New York City, where a research library and archives are maintained; where lectures, exhibits, authors’ evenings are organized; where an academic journal and books are edited and published; where book and dissertation awards are presented; where conferences are planned and organized, etc. But more needs to be done to meet the challenges of the present and future. PIASA has plans to 1. expand the PIASA BOOKS publication program, 2. computerize the library and archives eventually making them available on line, 3. publish a complete “Biographical Directory of Scholars, Scientists, Artists, Writers, and Professionals of Polish Origins “ living in the U.S. This is a labor intensive project of great importance. 4. initiate” Outreach” programs for college and university students All of this will require additional support from our members and friends who understand and value the work of PIASA. Your contributions for immediate use will be greatly appreciated. You can choose to underwrite one of PIASA’s projects. If you wish, however, to arrange for a future gift to help PIASA in form of “planned giving” such as charitable trusts and gifts of life insurance, etc., please contact the Executive Director, by e mail piasany@verzon.net or call 212 686-4164. The mailing address is: PIASA, 208 E. 30th St., New York,N.Y. 10016

Is PIASA included in your will or estate plan?

If not please consider the one or two percent solution, **

Your decision to do so will....

  • enhance and enlarge programs and services for the Polish American community and the general American public.
  • initiate and implement new joint projects with academies and universities in both the United States and Poland.
  • leave your lasting legacy that will provide for PIASA's future and its mission to Polonia and America's pluralistic society

** In addition to the option of naming PIASA as a beneficiary of a specific gift in your will, the future of the Polish Institute could be secured if our members and friends just made a gift of 1% or 2% of their estates. PIASA would benefit greatly by your generosity and the estate would gain a valuable tax deduction. Our treasurer, Dr. Richard J. Hunter, will prepare the necessary paperwork and work with your attorney or the representative of your annuity.

Your planned gift will assure that the Polish Institute will continue to be "a vital link between the Polish American community as well as America and the newly independent Poland." Gifts to the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, a 501 (3) c not for profit organization are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

For further information please call or write to the Executive Director:

208 E. 30th Street,
New York, N.Y. 10016
Tel: 212 686-4164
E-mail: piasany@verizon.net